Flower Style Co. Website Launch

www. f l o w e r s t y l e c o . co.uk

Its been a labour of love, its taken a small army to design, build, pick photos, edit and proofread. It feels like its taken forever to get to this moment but it’s finally here, it’s ready to go and we can’t wait for you to enjoy Flower Style Co’s very own website.

Looking forward to hearing from you so we can get cracking with all your weddings, parties, private flowers, workshops and beautiful bouquets to show off some truly fabulous blooms.

Thank you to every single one of you who has helped me to get to this point. Special thanks to Mike Crisp Multimedia for being so patient and building www.flowerstyleco.co.uk, Jenny Jervis from Prestbury Marketing for being a dear friend and managing not to kill me throughout this process and every single one of my friends and family who have helped me to stay sane, you’re all stars and I appreciate you all a million times over.

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