Flower Care

Are you the lucky recipient of one of our fabulous bouquets or vase arrangements? Here are some instructions on how to take the very best flower care to ensure you get to enjoy as many days of fabulousness as possible.

Take off all of the wrapping, choose your favourite vase and wash it with soap and water. We know it’s a pain, but flowers love clean fresh water; and look at them, they’re beautiful and deserve the best
FSC tip – we’re trying our best to save the planet one piece of wrapping at a time which is why we try not to use plastic in our presentations (with the exception of the occasional aqua-pack) see if you can come up with an ingenious way of up-cycling the ribbon, hessian or up-cycled bottle/jar that this design arrived in.
Your bouquet needs a fresh cut, (this applies to aqua-packs, up-cycled bottle/jars and vase arrangements too), find a sharp pair of scissors or secateurs, cut at least 2cm off the stems at a 45 degree angle to ensure they don’t sit flush with the bottom of the vase and to allow more surface area to drink up the water
FSC tip – Not sure how much to cut? The arrangement is designed so the lowest flowers sit just above the top of your vase. If your flowers arrived in one of our up-cycled bottle/jars we deliberately left a little room for you to be able to snip the ends.
Fill the vase with cool, clean water because just like us, your flowers get thirsty. Clean water prevents bacteria from growing so please try to change the water every other day to prevent bacteria from making your flowers wilt quicker, they’re beautiful, they’re worth it and you’ll be able to enjoy them longer
FSC tip – Each variety of flower has a different life expectancy, in some of our designs we use lots of varieties so to keep your flowers fresh for as long as possible, remove the flowers when they’re not looking so hot so they don’t spread bacteria to the flowers that are still brightening up your day.
Someone wanted to brighten your day with these flowers; chances are they have travelled a little way to get to you so show those beautiful blooms some appreciation. Smile brightly at them and show them some love. They prefer to be kept out of direct sunlight (they’re not into tanning) and definitely don’t like radiators.

Take a snap!

Last but not least enjoy them as much as humanly possible (it was a pleasure putting them together for you) and know that you must be pretty special for someone to send you these beauts. Why not snap them for Facebook and Instagram so you can spread the Flower Style Co. love! #flowerstyleco